Saturday, 16 January 2010

More New Progs

I've found a load more art programmes to install on an DVD from ImagineFX issue 50, including (ironically) another ArtRage.
One that I didn't have was Paint.NET, which I've just installed and had a quick play with. I'm not sure it can do anything useful that Photoshop can't, although there's a nice lasso thing, and an option to fill spaces (or paint) with various patterns, which may come in handy. It may be quicker to use for colouring - in flat areas the scenes I've been doing for a certain web comic. I also installed a trial version of Corel Painter, but I haven't ventured into that yet. I may as well upload the nonsense thing I've just done in Peint.NET, meanwhile, as well as a snowman resulting from my second experiment with ArtRage, which may have a certain naive charm. (The real snowman is no longer with us, sadly.)

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