Friday, 7 October 2011

Grimshaw Exhibition

Went to the exhibition of John Atkinson Grimshaw at the Guildhall Gallery in London today. Very impressed with the intricacy, draftsmanship and atmospherics achieved by this painter. He had a tragic life despite being successful, as only 6 of his 16 children survived to adulthood. This goes some way to account for the air of melancholy present in many of his works. He himself died at only 57, so I read, of cancer. His productivity was impressive, as well. Some people have to deal with much tragedy, and those that can overcome it and go on producing things of beauty are indeed to be admired.

Also saw some other great Victorian paintings, including 'Israel in Egypt' by Poynter, one of my favourite Ancient-Egypt themed paintings.

Then looked in St Paul's Cathedral (saw Lord Leighton's monument having earlier seen one of his paintings) and crossed the river to Tate Modern, though C was mortified to be dragged into such an unholy place. She had a point...

This is 'Untitled VII Bacchus' by Cy Twombly.
Surely any sane person can see this worthless rubbish for what it is.

We were confirmed in our low opinion of 'modern' art. Also went past Globe Theatre and Golden Hind to Southwark cathedral, then away from the city 'suits' to Camden...

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Tablet blues

My Graphics tablet seems to have died on me. Shaking and bashing the stylus seemed to give it temporary leases of life, but whatever it had seems at last to have proven terminal. I don't think dropping a Stanley knife on the tablet a while ago would have done it much good either, but it seemed to survive that! I've ordered a new one of the same make, so hopefully that will work and it won't prove to be a problem with the computer itself. Fortunately the remaining projects that I'm working on all involve traditional art, and getting back into oil painting in a big way may be a good thing in the long run. Sometimes I can identify with the Luddites.