Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Not dead at time of writing

I am not dead at the time of writing, but have been very busy with a number of ongoing projects. I also took on a painting commission recently, a portrait of a certain client as a knight. It was worth squeezing into my schedule as the subject matter is in keeping with the direction I wish to take my art, and I also welcome a change from digital, and a chance to keep my hand in with oil paint. To help keep myself inspired, I also made two youtube videos lately paying tribute to the artistic tradition in Britain (the apotheosis of which occurred during the 19th century). Also one especially on Waterhouse, who is my biggest painterly idol. Speaking of Waterhouse, I recently had someone contact me over facebook, about my Marian painting, which they had mistaken for a Waterhouse, and which they wanted to make a copy of. This was doubly flattering. The results of their labour can be seen here.