Saturday, 29 June 2013

Armour and such

But if a medieval/armour theme going on at the moment. Earlier in the month I went to the Wallace Collection. I'd been particularly aware of that gallery and museum in London, but I saw it in the background of a magazine where it had played host to some celebrity-ridden glitzy bash, and thought it looked like it deserved a butchers. It was well worth going, as it happens. Aside from many palatial rooms, the attractions included an extensive armoury, with many suits of plate armour (mostly from the War of the Roses and Tudor eras, horse armour, and intricately decorated weapons from around around the world.

This is a sketch I did of one of the suits of armour there:

Have been enjoying the BBC series 'The White Queen', about Elizabeth Woodville, wife of king Edward IV, and the politics of the day, dominated by the 'Kingmaker' Earl of Warwick. The era of the War of the Roses was never one I was too keen on because of the convoluted and internecine nature of the dynastic struggle, but I still love all things medieval. History seems to be quite accurately portrayed in this, too, which is nice. 

On a related note, an exhibition that I went to the other day at the fairly local Obsidian Art Gallery included the work of Graham Turner, whose images I had seen before, but who I didn't really know of before now. One of his main themes is the War of the Roses. Apparently he's a jouster, too, which must help him get a feel for the subject.

I have a number of projects on that are keeping me busy, including more medieval borders, and a medieval, Lady Godiva themed deck of cards. I'm also working on a cover illustration for author Jack Wootton, whose work is well worth seeking out. Other illustration work that I have lined up includes images of fantasy characters, and WWII soldiers for card games.