Sunday, 31 January 2010

Child Prodigies and Doug Hyde

The latest child prodigy artist to come to (in the UK) light is seven-year-old Keiron Williamson

Impressive stuff. I observed the irony that one of the most successful British painters in recent years is Doug Hyde, who paints like an average seven-year-old! (When I worked in the local art gallery, I used to joke about dear old Doug with the manager, along the lines that the supposed author of these smiley face pictures was actually a grim tyrant who had a basement full of captive kids whom he forced to paint the pictures for him. The website of infamous child-snatcher and slave-master Dough Hyde may be viewed here: ). On the subject of child prodigies like Keiron Williamson and America's Akiane, a friend of mine also remarked that 'figurative art is unfashionable anyway, so those brats aren't such geniuses after all!'

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