Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Andromeda Finished.

Put some finishing touches to Andromeda today. Goes quite nicely in an old fashioned frame that's been waiting for a picture... Feel free to get in touch if you are interested in purchasing original works or know of any suitable venues for exhibiting. I would be much obliged...
email giaour94@hotmail.com

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Andromeda wip

Something I started today is this painting of Andromeda from Greek mythology, who was nearly eaten by a toothsome beastie from the deep on account of her mother's boasting that she was prettier than the Nereids. Nice. It's time to break out the old oils and give myself a break from digital media. (The only bamboo involved is a component of my maul stick!)

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Kick It!

So England tie 1-1 with the USA in the Football World Cup. Jolly good this is, meaning we all retain some dignity and I don't lose any customers across the water! Most of my recent illustration clients have been based in the States lately (with the notable exception of Magnum Opus Press, which I seem on course to debut with). I'll confess, I'm not hugely into football, which oddly seems to capture the imagination of the females in my family more than the males. (My sister, who lives in Tottenham but supports Manchester, has a job designing footie merchandise). I get more of a patriotic stirring watching things like the Trooping of the Colour, which was this morning. For the last couple of years I've happened to actually be in London on the day and to get myself to the Mall to catch the parade return towards Buckingham Palace. This year I had a better view, from the living room. Here are a couple of photo from a previous year...

In so far as I take an interest in the world cup, I now look forward to supporting both the Brits and the Yanks. Any fellow Englanders- whose patriotism isn't compromised by their pragmatism- may be interested in some of the designs I've added to my cafepress shop, especially the Crusader section, where there is a range of stuff with the shield of Saint George.