Wednesday, 13 January 2010

ArtRage discoverey while fodjucking.

I was rearranging the office end of the living room today, and started to sort out the chaotic draw of mostly unlabelled CD Roms and computerie stuff. (Incidentally my mother once coined the phrase 'fodjucking' for the compulsive activity of moving and shuffling things around and sorting through boxes and draws of stuff - with the vague intention of de-cluttering- instead of getting on with more urgent work). Anyway in the course of this particular fodjucking session, I found the programme ArtRage 2.5. (A proper one, not pirated). I didn't even know it was there, it must be a late present from the elves. I've just installed it and had a play. My first foray into ArtRage resulted in an Abstract Expressionist masterpiece. It seems a very good programme for replicating some traditional painting effects (I gather there is a much newer version out which has received mixed reviews). In the future I can see myself using it in conjunction with Photoshop to produce some more characterful digital pieces.
Sometimes these magical materializations vindicate the activity of fodjucking.

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