Sunday, 10 January 2010

Christopher Burdett on Getting Serious

Monster man Christopher Burdett has posted an article on getting serious in the illustration business, which is worth linking to so I can find it again...

Some good advice to bear in mind, eg having an efficient portfolio website containing only the best examples of one's work. I've got to get on with my Adobe Dreamweaver & Flash course (and get my head around CSS, which is more exacting than Latin) so that I can give my website an over-due revamp, and turn it into a more viable showcase featuring better and more recent work on. (I should probably set up a second site especially for my historical writings, and keep my two spheres of activity more distinct.
The subject of specialization also arises in Burdett's article, in terms of illustration style and subject matter. At the moment I have projects on which couldn't be more different. In some ways it is good to have a variety, and to supply more than one demand. Hmm.

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