Sunday, 17 January 2010

Inspiration and discipline.

revised version of my Ten Commandments...

Thou shalt not waste time criticizing others instead of doing your own work.
Thou shalt promote thyself.
Thou shalt go to bed by 1.00am.
Thou shalt not argue on the internet.
Thou shalt remain calm.
Thou shalt not procrastinate or make excuses.
Thou shalt not fear to embark on ambitious projects.
Thou shalt paint.
Thou shalt learn web design.
Thal shalt not suck.

Alternatively, some more affirmative and inspiring statements courtesy of Christine, aka
which I feel the need to copy out (if only in order to avoid painting for a little longer):

Litany of the Artist

Sometimes I feel illbut I paint
Sometimes I am depressed but I paint
Sometimes I am lonely [and thank God] I paint
Sometimes I have no inspiration but I paint anyway
Sometimes I curse and swear because I paint badly but I continue to paint
Sometimes I have not ime to spare, but I find some way to paint
Sometimes I am utterly broke but I paint
Sometimes I am sad and lost but I paint
Sometimes I no longer know why I paint but I paint

Each time I am so grateful and happy I can paint

Every time I feel saved because I paint.

Miscellaneous other good tips I have heard in the past:

1. Buy low, sell high/ shop around for good deals on art supplies.
2. Be prepared to work a lot.
3. Cast net widely, look for work.
4. Be prepared to drop everything and work 24 hours straight
5. Draw, and don't moan on the internet, whatever the temptation. Channel online activities to what is good for business.
6. Be positive.
7. Motivate self. Enjoy self.

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