Thursday, 3 February 2011

Star Wars Art Visions.

I found myself walking past a book shop in High Wycombe today, and treat myself to a pretty lush art book called 'Star Wars Art Visions'. I loved the Star Wars films when I was little, and had lots of the plastic figures, plus a wooden ATAT that my dad made.

The paintings in this book transcend the sci-fi genre of the original inspiration, and are themselves very inspiring. Some of the artwork is really exquisite, produced by such artistic luminaries as Ed Binkley, Donato Giancola, Boris Vajello and H R Giger, plus offerings from a good number of amazing painters that I'd not heard of before. One of my favourite images after an initial skim through is 'Vader's Dream' by Kirk Reinert, which recalls the Symbolist movement. Many artistic styles are represented, and there's something for all tastes (from cartoons and manga to epic fantasy, romanticism and classical realism- even cubism!). Even if you're not remotely interested in Star Wars per se, you should find something that's up your street. Indeed sometimes the references to Star Wars are very subtle and oblique.

It can be found on here.

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