Wednesday, 23 February 2011

I should blog more.

I have this blog, so really I should blog more- for the entertainment and edification of my bakers dozen cherished subscribers, and to let the world know that I'm still doing stuff. I've heard a horror story, I think emanating from horror maestro and blogging stalwart Christopher Burdett (who was recently interviewed on the WIP Podcast), that if art directors and industry professionals come across an art blog that has not been recently updated, they presume the artist is no longer operating.

I do have projects on the go. I've recently been doing some preparatory work for a sci-fi book cover, which will be an interesting development, all being well. This last couple of days, meanwhile, I've also worked on a design for a Christmas card, which hopefully IBD Licensing will be interested in taking up. (A New England style church in winter, which should hopefully be popular with American customers). It's entailed me snapping out of the Adams-family mindset and activating the cosy/ friendly side of my imagination, and that can't be unhealthy every so-often!

I've also been making some headway with the flash modules of the home learning course in web design, and it will be nice to get that behind me. It may even prove useful at some stage. Personal project wise, I was fortunate enough to find a buyer for the most recent mermaid painting- before it was even finished, so that was nice. I've also done a few more beasties for my animal a-z, namely a fat lizard called an Uromastyx and a Wolf (a wold which looks slightly like a polar bear). I started the animal series ages ago as a means of getting myself out of my comfort zone, and to inject variety into my output. (The poor old cat is no longer with us since then). I've also had a commission to design some medieval style seals (not the animal kind, although horses and humans feature). Aside from that I also have a few things to follow up from the Spring Fair, involving licencing of artwork.

I wonder if I should update this blog with daily sketches and doodles, but to be honest most of the stuff I do that's worth showing goes up on, my oldest haunt on the net. I have a life drawing class coming up in a couple of weeks. I need to do more anatomical studies.

Best regards to everyone who's reading this. Good luck in whatever you're doing besides, as long as it isn't too naughty. Peace.


  1. Good heavens, Gordon. I've just looked at your profile - where on earth do you get the time to follow all of those blogs? :-)

    How are you getting on with Flash? I've been learning Dreamweaver (being up until now a die-hard NetObjects user) and am about to start having a go at Flash. I'm not sure whether or not I'll be wasting my time, but want to make sure that I've given myself the basics, just in case I need to develop it in the future.


  2. Hi Andie, I found learning dreamweaver a bit of a nightmare to be honest (all that CSS jargon) but I'm starting to see the light with flash. Hopefully we'll get some use out of it! Thanks for the comment.

  3. Although I took the precaution of working through two CSS books before I tackled Dreamweaver, I still had to work at it. We'll see if the website I'm working on for my local pub makes all the effort worth while.

    If you're seeing the light with Flash that gives me courage! Thanks Gordon and I hope to see some of your results at some stage.