Sunday, 31 October 2010


Here is a peek at a work in progress, started yesterday, one of a couple of personal pieces I have on the go...

I'm quite pleased with it so far and am letting it develope organically. Sometimes it's nice to start painting and see who or what appears on the board. I originally thought that it might turn out to be a character from one of my visual stories, Asterith the druidess. However she's turned out a somewhat more wistful figure, and a brunette (because there was brown paint on the brush), so probably not. As she has a medieval air (and looks less of a tomboy than the character I had in mind), I'll probably change it so she's riding side-saddle. Maybe a more precise theme will emerge as the piece progresses.


  1. Lovely! Those background colors look so natural...are you sure you didn't use a reference for the background? ;)

  2. The background isn't even done, it's just random stuff slapped in. Maybe it should stay like that.