Sunday, 24 October 2010

Copy of The Accolade (WIP)

I've started a pencil copy of a painting I much admire, 'The Accolade' by Edmund Blair Leighton (1901). Full of gravitas and chivalric spirit, this has long been one of my favourite paintings, though I have not seen the original (in a private collection somewhere, apparently). Getting a likeness of the queen's face was a challenge, given that the whole face is literally smaller than a thumbnail, but it's coming on ok...


  1. Beautiful, beautiful work. It is also one of my favorites. I have a framed print sitting above my desk :) The face looks almost exact, though I think her nose is much straighter, as there isn't much of a dip at the browbone. But I know how irritating and difficult it can be to copy a face exactly, so I think she's perfect as you have her :)

  2. @GuiseMaker Thanks for the opinion. I think you may be right. I did the other faces (apart from the kneeling knight) and the throne today, and have just given her a nose job. Quite a challenge, it's been so far, and I've still got to start on the chainmail! Hopefully my love of the picture will survie this.