Saturday, 15 May 2010


Went to London again yesterday. The day included a picnic in Hyde Park, and the discovery of the source of the Serpentine. Then we went to the Victoria and Albert Museum, sketched a pretty statue of Eve by Thomas Brock (indifferently) then visited the Strawberry Hill exhibition, with some of the artworks and artefacts collected by Horace Walpole for his extraordinary gothic revival house at Twickenham (which is currently being restored, and which will be worth visiting). We then looked at some authentic gothicry in the medieval bit. After an unplanned detour we ended up at an Italian restauraunt in Leicester Square.


  1. What a beautiful photo, caught my attention right away :)

  2. Thanks Zindy. Got a few more including some dramatic ones of the Albert Memorial, various birds and vistas in the park and some of the statues in the museum (although the latter didn't come out very well). I might put some of these as stock on DeviantArt.

  3. I am sure it would be loved as a stock too. The light is just beautiful. Nature shots at its best.