Thursday, 13 May 2010

Recent Stuff

This week a fairly major, on-going illustrati project on got going, and I'm quite pleased to have my instructions. Meanwhile the UK had an election. I spoilt a good walk by going in and voting, so some I have to take some of the blame for what transpired. There again it's probably for the best. Labour need to be put out to pasture for a while to get their act together. (Governments are like nappies, as someone said, they need to be changed regularly, and for the same reason). The Liberal Democrats should counteract the worst excesses of Toryism, and vice versa with some of the sillier aspects of the Liberal agenda. The coalition's the best that could have been hoped for, and I wish it well.

Speaking of crooks and unlikely alliances, I've started reading a book about Barbary pirates. I was interested to discover the career of Sir Francis Verney as a renegade, apostate and corsair in Algeria. I visited his family home Claydon House last year, but he was evidently not the ancestor they liked to talk about. They are keener on Edmund Verney, who had his hand cut off while holding Charles I's banner during the Civil War. (I went to Bradenham also this week, with another big manor house that was apparently the home of Benjamin Disraeli's father. Some beautiful woodland around there, good sniffing country for the dog.)

Also rather enjoying the new series of Doctor Who, which has so far treat me to the spectacle spitfires in space and (supposed) vampires in Venice. What more could anyone possibly want? Thanks BBC! I'm toying with the idea of getting a tweed jacket.

Sadly the world of fantasy art lost its granddaddy Frank Frazetta this week, famous for his conan illustrators, and his death dealer horseman, who has finally come for his maker...

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