Saturday, 27 March 2010

Moving Experiences and the Problem of Chivalry.

Today I went into London, to help my sister move to a house several blocks away from her old one. (There didn't seem much point taking the car in so I went by train and bus). I took a carry- suitcase along to help shift her stuff. After the third or fourth trip, lugging that thing between hosues, I left it at the new place knowing that the next time there was a big wicker box of stuff to pick up. Walking back I was temporarily unloaded, while my sister was pulling a wheeled suitcase with nothing in it. Some bloke in the street told me off saying 'you should be pulling that!' What a time to encounter the manners police! I suppose if I was caught actually being chivalrous I'd have been taken to task by the feminist mafia and accused of patronizing patriarchalism.

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