Saturday, 20 March 2010

In Print

I got to see my artwork in print twice this week,first in a textbook to help Germans learn Latin, 'Latin Kreativ: Ovid, Ars Amatoria'. A digital painting of Mary Magdalene was included among the books many beautiful illustrations. Thanks to Rudolf Hennebohl for sending the two copies (I thanked him in an email in my own malum latinum). This morning a back issue of ImagineFX (Issue 53 from February) arrived including a feature of my paintings 'Tamlina and the Dragon', and 'Alien and Skull'. Thanks to all concerned and again to Elandria for the heads-up about that.

It's funny that I had a digital piece published in a work dominated by tradional paintings (inlcuding many reproductions of Old Master works on clasical sujects) and some oil paintings reproduced in a magazine dominated by digitalia. Each medium has its pros and cons. Yesterday I was painting a face in oils, and did a particularly nice job (though I say so myself) on the eyes. The only problem was that one of the eyes three millemeters too low, so I had to obliterate it and paint it all over again that bit higher up, only to realize that it probably looked better before and that the acutal model has wonky eyes! The day Adobe can make a select>cut/copy>paste function for traditional paintings will be the day I buy it!

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