Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Spring Fair 2010.

I'm a bit tired now. I went to Birmingham's NEC for Spring Fair international 2010. Last year I went as a potential art gallery owner, this year as a freelance artist and designer. As usual there were great halls filled with aisle after aisle of stands art and framing, gift and home, greetings cards, knickknacks and fragrant things. Quite quickly I found the stand of Image By Design Licencing, for whom I am doing some traditional Christmas card designs. Met Lucy Brenham in person, which was nice, and had a chat. Soon after that I bumped into my sister Katie and her friend, who were there with their card company Danilo. Looked around some mileage of show, and got a snack. I made a few more contacts subsequently, including speaking to some people from a couple of companies I've beeb interested in working with. They seemed fairly interested in the little portfolio I'd brought along, so hopefully I'll have more to report in the forseeable future.

An interesting day and hopefully fruitful, though I will gloss over (and hopefully blot out) the train journey, and the fun getting the frozen car going from the station.

On an unrelated note, thanks to Elandria on DeviantART for letting me know that some of my artwork was featured in ImagineFX magazine- last month, the one recent issue I didn't buy! I've now ordered a back issue as it will be nice to see how it was presented.

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