Monday, 22 February 2010

Mad Drax

I came up with an interesting scenario for a fantasy/science fiction/horror story. (The provisional title 'Mad Drax' springs to mind.) The idea was that a vampire grows weary of the world and the drudgery of killing and feeding and destroying anyone who gets close to him. So he goes into a deep hibernation, in some deep crypt
and wakes up in the distant future, which is post-apocalyptic. Somehow or other he encounters a beautiful woman, and one thing leads to another, and to the inevitable neck chomping... But instead of blood there is an electric spark, and in that moment they discover each other's secrets...
i.e. that neither is human, that she is a droid.
The interesting possibility being that in this relationship an odd purity can flourish. he's finally found a woman who is safe from his bloodlust, she a man who is not driven to use her for the purpose for which she was created (which can be imagined). Maybe she resembles his lost love from centuries in the past, and it turns out her creator modelled her on a painting that survived. Maybe the painting was by the vampire (of she who was his love and the victim to haunt him most) and the roboteer also saw the painting and fell in love with her.

It's the germ of an idea. After that I'm a bit lost, how to fit it into a wider story. It has potential either for a written work or maybe a graphic novel.

I thought about the twist that the mortal human race is actually extinct, and he has no-one to feed on, so is doomed, or whether to have something else dominating the planet...

Maybe the future is inhabited by zombie-like mutants, whose blood would now be poisonous to him, but who are so aggressive and destructive that it would account for his finding her in hiding. I think it should be a world of threat. Or esle maybe I could make that future dystopia something like the world of 'The Matrix', with intelligent machines using humans as an energy source. In order to keep her new friend alive the droid woman has to lead him through whatever defences to where the 'energy source' is stored. I also considered some allusions to the Biblical apocalypse. maybe I could have both ideas, with biblical references (the euphemism of choice for the perverted AI machines. The 'left behind' could be the toxic mutant zombie types, who are not of use to the machines. 'Heavenly Jerusalem' could be the energy farm, the facility where the yet more unfortunate 'saved' are stored.

This would be nice and ironic if the vampire had been a member of the medieval crusades in his mortal life. (I invented such a character in the past-
'D'Ashinvaine' was originally a character of mine who was a crusading knight turned into a vampire. I daresay I'd have to rename him now, if I resurrected the character, having recycled that name as a web identity.)

Unfortunate that someone's already written 'The Matrix' the idea of the inmates of that hellish power station being fed a dream of being in heaven would fit nicely here.

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