Tuesday, 8 January 2013

More tattoos from my artwork.

The other day I stumbled across this Templar tattoo, which someone has got based on an image of mine...

And just now someone sent me a photo of a tattoo they had got based on my two angels/skull illusion design, which now features on cards by Eastgate Resource. Keep them coming!

I met the artist Anne Stokes at the Eastgate Resource stand, at the Spring Fair in Birmingham last year, at the NEC. Funnily enough the people at the company had requested fewer of her trademark skulls in the imagery they had commissioned from her for cards, etc. That makes it strange that the first image they took of mine features a great big skull! Stokes is quite famous, and so many people have tattoos of her artwork that a book has been made of it. She has also had lots of products made by Nemeis Now (with whom I've started to have dealings.) I saw some of Anne Stokes' gothic design in a shop in Rothenburg in Bavaria during my German trip last year, a picturesque medieval town with a slightly creepy air, where it seems quite at home. That leads me neatly my sketch of the day, as it happens...

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