Sunday, 11 December 2011

My list at the moment...

I have been quite nicely bust of late. Commissions that I have completed over the last couple of months include apocalyptic and Gothic artwork for a couple of Heavy Metal album covers ('As Empires Decay', which is digital, and 'Brutal Temptress', which is oil on board). I have also completed 'Lioness of the Stars' , a fantasy painting of a lioness-centaur (oils), 'Retours', a book cover for a French author's novel featuring a group of warriors (digital), and some borders and illustrations for wedding invitations with the look of medieval manuscripts (mixed media).

I picked up my 'Blackguard' visual story a while back, and have been reworking that, but it has come to another stand still due to commissioned work.

Jobs I am presently working on include two interior pieces for Cubicle7. I had been planning to do some master studies of historical works of art, but one of these illustrations involves something more interesting, a ghoulish reworking of a certain Dutch Masterpiece. The other involves a monstrous version of a certain sound-making device (considered by some to be a musical instrument), which shows the influence of a more recent, but in his way equally influential master (arguably). These I am doing digitally. I am also doing an oil painting for another fantasy author, featuring a woman slaying an alien, so as I say I am nicely busy. I also have a few things in the pipelines, including interior work for Battlefield Press, (hopefully) the good people who commissioned the cover I did for 'Midway Between'.

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