Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Death of Cleopatra

Old news, I know!

Actually this is the theme of my latest drawing, which I was inspired to do after my visit to the Petrie Museum in London- or at any rate I had a mind to do something on an Egyptian theme.

The Death of Cleopatra by ~dashinvaine on deviantART

I was also inspired by the Egyptian-themed paintings of Sir Lawrence-Alma Thadema, the Victorian artist who was so unjustly maligned in the decades following his death. John Collier, Alma-Thadema's pupil who also did a nice line in Egyptian subjects, was so dismayed by the modernist-leaning critics who slated Alma-Thadema exclaimed: 'his fame will survive their attacks. And when I recall the pictures that they admire I am glad that they have not praised my dead friend! This I gleaned from a book on Alma-Thadema that I picked up on my last trip to London (I have been up since, meeting my father and sister).

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