Saturday, 8 January 2011

Still Alive

Hi All. Sorry it's been a while since I posted here but I am still alive. Chriatmas was good apart from several of the family getting the flu over the holidays. One of the rabbits had to go to the vets yesterday, too, as he's dragging his back leg around. (It bit the end off a syringe, earlier, which is a bit worrying). Seems to be a bit better now, though, having moved back indoors into what was my painting studio in the back kitchen... The bunnies survived all the snow but the damp that has set in now is no good for them. My painting area had sort of shifted back into the living room anyway, so it's no great bother. (I prefer painting within sight of the computer as it's easier to google reference images than to trawl through all my books and cuttings). I've been doing more digital stuff than traditional of late, that said. Commissioned work has included more maps and ships for a pirate game project, and a wedding invitation decoration in the style of an illuminated manuscript. These and a couple of newly coloured old drawings can be seen on my deviantart site.

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