Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Gordon Napier History Blog

My plan is to remake my website as a site entirely about my art and illustration work. Presently it has two front doors (so to speak), one leading to pages related to my historical interests, promoting my books and containing a number of articles and essays. I will be getting rid of the history side, in due course, and have set up a new blog for the stuff from there, and more besides. It can be found at This will solve the problem of having to direct people to the same site whether they are interested in my pictures or my other endeavours and studies. A dual purpose site seemed to suit my requirements at the time, but now I feel I'll be needing a more specialist web presence.

My history blog is at Check it out if you are interested in history- mostly medieval and ancient. I toyed with the idea of calling it Knight Writer (having mostly written about the Knights Templar) but I think I'm better off not trying to be clever.

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