Tuesday, 8 September 2009

The Royal Academy

The Waterhouse exhibition was rather wonderful. Right up my street. Well put together, and deeply enchanting, all told. I thought it was ironic that the title of the exhibition is 'The Modern Pre-Raphaelite, though. He wasn't a pre-raphaelite, (more a Romantic Classicist) and isn't modern- and nothing could be less akin to 'Modernism'. If he were alive today and painting the same sort of stuff, I really wonder whether he could get a look in with the Royal Academy. The institution, like most art institutions, has been taken over by abstractionists and conceptualis. I mean, for example, Tracy Emin RA?! Credit to the RA for putting on the Waterhouse exhibition. It would be nice if they showed the work of any contemporaries painting in the same tradition.

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